From the Experts

We have all the answers to your pool questions and concerns.

During our  in home consultation Gabe will present all options that are available to you and discuss the advantages of each type of pool construction based on your unique property.

Gabe personally oversees every job and we have a 28-day completion guarantee on vinyl pools and 38-days for concrete pools.

You may see companies that  advertise vinyl liner pools starting at $20,000. The reality is that the total cost for your pool including, pool, steps, electric, patio and fence will start in the $40,000.

Because we offer concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools, we can install the right  pool to fit just about everyone’s backyard, including those with sloping yards.  We have experience working with even the most challenging landscapes.  All townships have rules and regulations regarding pool permits. We will review your township’s ordinance  and work with you to determine the best pool solution. 

We build design and install concrete, fiberglass, vinyl stock and custom vinyl pools – this provides our customers with the advantage of selecting the best solution for their home and budget.

Yes. After your in-ground swimming pool’s construction is completed, we offer different service, maintenance and inspection arrangements based on your needs and budget. Contemporary Pools and Spas is the manufacturer’s approved warranty center for every piece of equipment we install.

All swimming pools need a permit to be constructed. We understand that this would be an inconvenience for our customers, so we will handle the permitting process for you. Since we build pools in many towns we have established relationships with town inspectors and office personnel.

All in-ground pools require some attention; however, with the use of computers, electronic pool cleaners,  Chlorine Generators and Non-Chlorine Sanitization Systems the maintenance has been reduced significantly.